How RUHU Got its name?

RUHU is an acronym derived from abbreviating the words Renovate Ur Home Urself which in turn means 入户 in chinese pinyin meaning "Enter One's Home". As such, the logo of RUHU - a 'keyhole' symbolises 'Trust' & 'Permission' given by the home and business owners to the respective renovators, contractors & designers. RUHU® is a registered trademark under IPOS.

The Objective of RUHU

RUHU aims to empower home and business owners to get the best deals for their renovation works via:

1)     The best DIRECT offers from CONTRACTORS (i.e carpenters, tilers, plumbers, electricians), DESIGNERS & PROJECT MANAGERS (who holds relevant licenses and expertise in project management).

2)    An 'ALARCARTE' system of selection for the most desirable contractors, designers and project managers in terms of both BUDGET & EXPECTATIONS.

3)    A STANDARDISED & TRANSPARENT costing comparisons of all contractors, designers and project managers thus saving TIME and enhancing RELIABILITY & EFFICIENCY through a shared system of standardised pricing.

4)   A COMPHREHENSIVE & COMPETITIVE rates and pricing comparisons DIRECTLY from all contractors, designers & project managers (catering a wide spectrum of requirements from pricing to design/work expectations).

5)    Catering a wide spectrum of renovation works from the BIGGEST to SMALLEST of budgets.

6)    The most comphrehensive PROFILING OF RENOVATION CONTRACTORS through a Criteria Selection System from paid-up capital, years of operation, warranty periods, insurance coverage, certifications to completed project reviews.

How RUHU Works?

RUHU operates on 3 unique and customised system of approach:

1)      Criteria Selection System (CSS) - client selects and sorts contractors/designers/project managers via specified criteria from our system database based on:

i.     paid-up capital

ii.    years of operation

iii.   warranty periods

iv.  insurance coverage

v.   certifications

vi.  completed project reviews

2)     Auto Quote System (AQS) - client customised system-assisted quote or selects pre-computed packaged quotes from our automated quotation system:

i.     system assists and guides client to compute renovation quote or select pre-computed packaged quotes

ii.    upon completion of quotation, system automatically separates each quoted item into respective contractor category i.e. carpenter, tiler, plumber, hacker, painter, plasterer, false ceiling, other suppliers etc

iii.   all itemised quotes are computed from the averaged pricing of all participating contractors of each respective contrtactor category

iv.  pricing are tagged with assisted descriptions and/or pictures for clarity of explanations

v.   all quoted items are standardised and shared amongst all participating contractors allowing an 'Apple-to-Apple' comparison

vi.  clients can also input own quoted items with pictures into the AQS for bidding amongst shortlisted contractors/designers/project managers

3)     Shortlisters Bidding System (SBS) - client sends customised/pre-computed pakaged quote to various contractors/designers/project managers for bidding:

i.     contractors/designers/project managers or 'shortlisters' receive quotation request from client

ii.    shortlisters decide to accept or decline bidding invitation

iii.   client can send to any 5 shortlisters of different contractor/designer/project manager category required for the renovation in every new bidding or re bidding exercise


How RUHU Benefits Clients, Contractors, Designers & Project Managers?

1)      The Benefits for Clients:

i.     direct contractor pricing

ii.    able to choose from a large portfolio of contractors/designers/project managers - increases confidence and reliability as the contractors/designers/project managers are directly responsible for their respective works

iii.   not putting all their monies 'in-one-basket' - minimises total loss of deposits

iv.  having direct warranty & after-services from each choosen contractor

v.   certifications

vi.  being able to place genuine reviews of each participating contractor/designer/project manager after project completion which helps promote good practices and reputation of good contractors/designers/project managers

2)     The Benefits for Contractors/Designers/Project Managers:

i.     enables contractors/designers/project managers to showcase their company/personal profile & works thus increasing portfolio exposure and business opportunities

ii.    enables 'fair-and-healthy' competition amongst tiers as they can clearly see the average pricing of all participating contractors/designers/project managers

iii.   encourages positive improvement of services through portfolio exposure and client project completion ratings which in turn helps promote the good work and business practices

Why Trust RUHU?

1)     Initial Paid-up capital of $300,000.00 - provides necessary technical support and development

2)    Supported by government grants from IMDA (Info-communications Media Development Authority) - pending

3)    Stringent portfolio checks on Contractors/Designers/Project Managers

4)   Strict compliance to the Personal Data Protection Act 2012 (PDPA)