"Renovate Ur Home Urself"

We empower home and business owners to select the Best Contractors, Designers & Project Managers for the Renovation Job at DIRECT-PRICING!

We seek to provide the Most Reliable People & Services for your Renovation Needs!

We aim to improve the Transparency & Reliability of the Renovation Industry through Promoting good Portfolios of Contractors, Designers & Project Managers!

With an initial Paid-up Capital of $300,000 to support our technical operations, we are committed to give our Best Ideas & Innovations to fulfil Your Dreams & Our Aspirations!

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How It Works
Criteria Selection System
Auto-Quote System
Bidding System
"The Most Comprehensive
Contractor, Designer & Project Manager Profile
Listings via Our Criteria Selection System (CSS)"

Our Criteria Selection System or CSS (in short) allows users to shortlist

the participating Contractors, Designers & Project Managers via their desired Criteria

Criteria can be sorted ranging from paid-up capital to years of operation, portfolios and experiences, you may even see what certifications and insurance coverages they have! Phew...

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"Getting Immediate Quotes through
Our Auto-Quote System (AQS)"

As detail as it gets... our auto-quote system or AQS (in short) guides users on the full computation of the entire quote within Mins!

Every quoted item is the average pricing of all participating contractors, designers & project managers...
Wait... it doesn't stop here... upon logging in, you can actually tender your projects and get live price bidding of your selected contractors, designers and project managers
Now... that's where all the Fun Start!

Get the Most up-to-date DIRECT Contractor Pricing in the Market - 'Quote-Shopping' has Never been Easier!

Completed Quote then auto-splits-up and identitifies all relevant Contractors,
Designers & Project Managers responsible for each renovation work item and direct you to their Company/ Individual Profile Listings!

Got Time! Try IT! You Got Nothing to Lose! Or Contact Us - We will help you with your Quote!
In the meanwhile - HAVE FUN!

"Your Quote is Done? What are You waiting for..."
Let the Bidding Begin! Login to Try our
Shortlisters Bidding System (SBS)"

Oohps! Finally...time to Login... Uhm... Did you Sign-up Yet?

By Now, you would have selected your contractors, designers & project managers, dont't just stop there... let them BID! Login Now!

Upon Login, you will be able to tender your projects to all chosen shortlisters (contractors, designers & project managers) - 5 at a time

Once the bidding goes live, you can view them through the bidding tracking system in your dashboard

Now, all you need to do is to Sit Back & Relax ~~~ Have Fun & Good Luck!

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